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Tips, tricks, and tools to help you learn Acceptance & Commitment Therapy naturally.


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Hi, I’m Jacob Martinez. I’m an ACT therapist and trainer from Texas, based in Wisconsin. I’m the past-president of the Texas ACBS Chapter, and am currently in clinical practice. I’m committed to providing high quality, accessible, and engaging training in ACT and contextual behavior therapy to anyone I can. I specialize in using the ACT Matrix, and in creating novel ACT interventions. My goal is to help clinicians become fluent in ACT and think outside the books/box.

If you have zero familiarity with ACT, I’ve written a short guide on how you can learn more which you can read here. Otherwise, this site works best for people who already have a passing familiarity with the model. I recorded an 8-part introduction to ACT in partnership with which you can watch on demand.

I also provide one-on-one consultations via webcam and live in-person workshops.

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