More on the Survival-Vital Matrix

Taking a second to get back into things. After some traveling a few weeks ago I caught a cold and was sick for most of the holidays. I'd managed to luck out and this was the first bad cold I've had in over two years.

The opportunity to notice the differences between being healthy and being sick was something I was excited for. It was also a great experience in understanding how difficult it is to focus, and how difficult it is to be intentionally mindful when you are sick. 

The survival-vital version of the ACT Matrix has been working well with the clients I've introduced it to. I've received some good feedback, though each of these clients had been introduced to the regular ACT Matrix during our work prior to this so they were familiar. The thing that I have noticed is that the survival-vital matrix does feel different to both me and my clients while doing it, and it targets slightly different things at the same time as targeting a lot of the regular Matrix stuff in a new way; this is not just a new coat of paint.

Some of the language that I've been settling on as I work out the kinks is "default to" on the left hand side of the S-V Matrix. As in, "What are some of the survival mechanisms that you notice yourself defaulting to?", and "What are some of the survival moves you notice yourself defaulting to?". From there, processing can be done and workability can be explored.

After some psychoed on what exactly I mean by survival mechanisms & instincts, clients have been able to grasp the concept easily.

If you are using the S-V Matrix, keep in mind that it keeps the radical acceptance and no-judgment attitude that accompanies all ACT work. There is nothing good/bad/right/wrong/true/false, about any of the vital or survival moves, there's simply how they function for the individual in terms of their life.

Highlighting the ways that both vital and survival moves can be workable or unworkable depending on context is important so that the "purpose" of the matrix doesn't become "striving to avoid survival moves" or "striving to ONLY do vital moves", rather than simply noticing and choosing based on function and context.

In any case I feel comfortable with it and a video has been recorded demonstrating the S-V Matrix, which will be up one of these days. 

Other things to come in early 2018, a peer support group for the Texas ACBS Chapter (will be open to non-texas chapter members for a small fee), and a podcast/weekly audio mindfulness exercise thing.

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