[Training] Using the ACT Matrix for Intakes

Earlier this year I led a webinar on how to maximize your intake sessions with the ACT Matrix. I use the ACT Matrix in all of my intakes, it’s my main method of gathering information, setting goals with clients, and jumpstarting transformative work.

The webinar is available through Behavior-Behavior.org, and is currently on sale for only $15.

The training includes myself breaking down a video of me leading a person through the ACT Matrix just as I would do during an intake. I share pointers and scripts of exactly what to say and how, as well as some tips that I’ve developed to take the Matrix to the next level. If you have never heard of the ACT Matrix, or haven’t been trained on it before, this webinar also serves as a complete introduction to the Matrix. You could literally watch this webinar now and put everything you learn into action immediately.

If you work with clients directly I encourage you to see what the ACT Matrix can offer your practice. The ACT Matrix turned me into a better therapist, and it allows me to continually improve the art and science of psychotherapy.

This is one of the workshops that I am most proud of, and I know it will add real benefit to your practice.

ACT Matrix Intro Training Picture.PNG
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